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Welcome to the OpenAirInterface project

This is an open-source hardware/software development platform and open-forum for innovation in the area of digital radio communications. It was created by the Mobile Communications Department at Institut Eurecom based on its experience (14 or 15 years worth, depending on who's counting...) in publicly-funded R&D carried out in the context of collaborative research projects (French ANR and European Framework programs).

Our primary goals are to provide tools for experimentation with real-time radio resources and scalable simulation/emulation environments for wireless communications. At the same time we strive to demonstrate innovation in high-performance embedded computing architectures based on open-source design tools. The development described and made available (both hardware and software!) should not be considered to constitute a complete system solution, in the sense that an operator could download the software, purchase the hardware, and subsequently deploy a large-scale network. It can (as was the case with wireless3g4free.com in the past) be used to deploy reduced-scale test networks in order to demonstrate innovative ideas in a realistic radio propagation and application scenario.

Thanks to our open development policy, it is hoped that some parts may influence the evolution of industrial wireless standards such as LTE. As such, we currently support a subset of the Rel-8 3GPP specifications along with some ongoing development of some Rel-10 features. The functionality allows for full interconnection of commercial LTE terminals with the OpenAir4G eNB implementation using standard PCs and custom PCIexpress cards produced by EURECOM. Some partners provide support for integrating OpenAir4G with some USRP-based platforms.

You can also take a look on our official website : http://www.openairinterface.org

OpenAirInterface Web Utilities

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