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This is the Task List for the implementation of the distributed MIMO receiver on the OpenAirInterface Platform. It will allow to detect multiple CHBCHs from different CHs.

In a first step we implement a MMSE receiver. In a second step we will implement the successive interference cancellation receiver as described in [1].

[1] Ghaffar, Rizwan and Knopp, Raymond, "Dual stream low complexity BICM reception and MIMO broadcast strategy", PIMRC 2008, 19th IEEE International Symposium on Personal Indoor and Mobile Radio Communication , September 15-18, 2008, Cannes, France


  • Debug MMSE filter in Matlab/Ocatve
  • Re-encoding of sucessfully detected CHBCH/ stripping
  • Automatically detect how many and which CHBCH are present
    • In case of 2 CHBCH make sure MR uses CH1 as reference for sync


  • In chbch_sim put different AoAs on different CHs
  • Change pilot pattern in CHBCH, so that in every chunk of subcarriers only one pilot from one antenna is active
  • Change transmitter to 2 streams
  • Calcualte MMSE filter --> store to PHY_chsch[b].channel_mmse_filter_f[NB_ANTENNAS_TX][NB_ANTENNAS][NUMBER_OF_USEFUL_CARRIERS] in redundant Q.15 format!
    • write scalar product routine (based on mult_cpx_vector - just add accumulate at end)
    • write matrix multiply routine
    • write matrix inversion routine
  • Derotation with respect to both CHs
  • apply MMSE filter to first stream PHY_chbch[b].rx_sig_f2 --> store to PHY_chbch[b].rx_sig_f3 in redundant Q.15 format!

-- FlorianKaltenberger - 22 Aug 2008

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