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Program SIM Cards

Before deploying a LTE network, you need a SIM Cards. There are several ways to programm the SIM card. Either you program it yourself using the available softwares or through a thrid party service. Three elements are needed:

  1. Programmable USIM card with Milenage support
  2. Card Reader/programmer hardware
  3. SIM programmer software
  4. SIM Card Programming issues with pysim
Other Links: There ar a lot of software to read the SIM cards: You may also need multiformat SIM card with the SIM card adaptors to switch from nano, micro,and standard format.

Information Needed to program the SIM card

Here is the information you need to programm your SIM cards for OAI (subject to future changes in keys). Below is the example for Eurecom:

  • Algorithm: Milenage
  • Ki: 8BAF473F2F8FD09487CCCBD7097C6862 (could be changed on per UE basis with the corresponding changes in HSS)
  • OP: 11111111111111111111111111111111
  • C1:00, C2: 01, C3: 02, C4: 04, C5: 08, R1: 40, R2: 00, R3: 20, R4: 40, R5: 60 all in hexa.
  • SPN (service provider Name): OpenAirInterface
  • MCC: 208 (FR)
  • MNC: 93 (new MNO MNC)
  • IMSI: 208930000000001 (MCC|MNC|id), where id is incremented. Note that here the PLMN (20893) is 5 digit, which is why the id 10 digits. Otherwise, for 6 digit PLMN, you only have 9 digit for id.
  • SQN (Sequence number): 000000000001 (this is different from the IMSI)
Notes :
  • Set the SIM card in normal operation mode
  • HSS needs to be prorammed for each UE SIM
  • The above information only pertains for the data communication. If you want to set the SIM card for voice connection, you need also to
    • MSISDN
    • IMPI
    • IMPU
    • Domain
    • P-CSCF

Tested LTE UE Devices and SIM Cards


SIM Cards

Others that should works
  • Qipso
  • Non-Gemalto


You need to enter to the hiddemeny, and select LTE-only mode.

  • LG NEXUS 5, Hidden code: #*#4636#*# . Then phone information, and select LTE_ONLY.
  • Galaxy S V, hidden code: *#0011#, then back and press ok, input Q and press ok, then input 0000 and then ok. Then wait for 5 seconds.
    • LTE Only Mode:
      • UE Setting --> Setting --> Protocol --> NAS --> Network Control --> Band Selection --> LTE Band Preference --> LTE-ALL (or your preferred band).
      • UE Setting --> Setting --> Protocol --> NAS --> Network Control --> Pref Mod Set --> LTE_ONLY.
      • UE Setting --> Setting --> Protocol --> NAS --> Network Control --> Service Domain --> PS ONLY.
    • LTE Rel 10:
      • UE Setting --> Setting --> Protocol --> AS --> Release Version --> LTE 3GPP REL/CA Control. Then enable LTE 3GPP Rel10 and CA enabled
    • Both cases require phone reboot for changes to take effect.
  • Other tested Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy 4, 5,6, Note 4, Nexus 4, 5.

NOTE: Samsung begun SIM locking in recent smartphones, see this link. To avoid problems, you need to program your SIM cards with the MCC and MNC to the home region of the smarphone.

-- NavidNikaein - 17 Oct 2015

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