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OpenAirInterface is constantly evolving and you are welcome to contribute to its development. Please see OpenAirLTEGuidelines for more information on basic guidelines for developpers.

OpenAirInterface Roadmaps and Collaboration areas

  • Cloudification of OAI eNB and OAI EPC, and Ethernet (10Gb/40Gb) transport of I/Q samples between BBU and RRH
  • Robustification of the eNB software for real-time operation
  • Support for X2 handover
  • Integration of TM4 schedulers for eNB and testing of TM4 receivers in UE (first with commercial UEs and then the OAI UE)
  • Testing of Rel-10 dual-carrier operation with a commercial UE and testing of OAI UE
  • Finish integration of Rel-10 TM9 for eNB and testing with OAI UE (commecial UEs if available)
  • Compatibility of the OAI UE through Interoperability testing with comercial eNBs and comercial EPCs
  • Extensive testing in TDD modes
NOTE: if you are interested in any of the above areas, please send an email to {openair_tech (AT) eurecom (DOT) fr} to get the latest update, and elaborate the potential collaboration.

Throughput tests

  • Achieve DL 5,10,20 MHz on USRP/EXMIMO DL

Core Development/Integration Status (to be updated)

This subsection covers the core development areas of OpenAirInterface.

  1. Openair1 Core development
  2. Openair2 Core development
  3. System Emulator
  4. CBMIMO1/ExpressMIMO Integration

How to Contribute

  1. Create an account on Gitlab and send email to {openair_tech (AT) eurecom (DOT) fr} to be added as a developer. Please let us know in which part of the repository you want to contribute.
  2. Read the Gitlab workflow and coding guidelines here.
  3. The maintainers of different parts of repository are mentioned in last Developer call meeting minutes here.
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