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User-Space PHY Simulation

The are three example PHY simulations in the directory SIMULATIONS/PHY. The three are Monte-Carlo simulations of basic OpenAirInterface Coding and Modulation functions using a broadband MIMO channel simulator. Each directory contains a Makefile whose default rule builds the target. There is also a rule clean which removes the executables and compiled OpenAirInterface object files. The make file takes the two options DEBUGPHY=1 and DUALSTREAM=1. In the first case, debug information is printed on the screen and several Matlab/Octave files are generated that can be examined in Matlab/Octave. The second option invokes the dual stream receiver instead of the single stream receiver.

The CHBCH simulation is invoked as:

chbch_sim sig_energy noise_energy nb_tti nb_tx_antennas nb_rx_antennas nb_errors ricean_factor phase_offset frequency_offset ic_flag sig2_energy


  • sig_energy is the average received signal energy in dB (20-50)
  • noise_energy is the average received noise energy in dB (10-40)
  • nb_tti is the minimum number of TTIs over which to run the simulation
  • nb_tx_antennas is the number of transmitter antennas (1-4)
  • nb_rx_antennas is the number of receiver antennas (1-4)
  • nb_errors is the minimum number of errors to measure. If nb_errors and nb_tti are one, then only one TTI is simulated. This is typically used with the DEBUG_PHY directive set to output intermediate signal files to OCTAVE/MATLAB compatible files
  • ricean_factor is the ratio of signal energy in the deterministic path with respect to the diffuse components (0 - 60)
  • phase_offset is the phase offset fraction of 2*PI (1-32) between antenna elements for the deterministic path
  • frequency_offset is the RF frequency offset
  • icflag Type of IC receiver (0-MMSE, 1-ML. Only used for dual stream simulations.
  • sig2_energy Signal strength of second stream (optional). Only used for dual stream simulations.

for example, ./chbch_sim 45 30 1 2 2 1 0 2 0 0 would run the simulation for an SNRof 45-30=15dB for 1 frame for a 2x2 system with a rice factor of 0 and no phase or frequency offset.

At the end of the simulation a file with simulations results is created. The filename has the syntax results_rxicflag_ricericean_factor_aoaphase_offset_freqfrequency_offset_ntxnb_tx_antennas_nrxnb_rx_antennas.csv

sach_sim and rach_sim are invoked similarly.

-- RaymondKnopp - 18 Dec 2007

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