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Unitary Simulation of LTE PHY

Download openairinterface5g repository. The instructions are located here.

Several unitary simulations for the OpenAir5G Physical Layer exist and are located in cmake_targets/lte-simulators. These firstly constitute the starting point for testing any new code/innovations in the basic PHY functionality. Secondly, these are the required tests to be performed before committing any new code to the repository, in the sense that all of these should compile and execute correctly. These testbenches include Montel-Carlo simulation of transport/physical channels:

  • pbchsim for PBCH
  • pdcchsim for DCI/PDCCH
  • dlsim for DLSCH/PDSCH
  • ulsim for ULSCH/PUSCH
  • pucchsim for PUCCH
  • prachsim for PRACH
  • mbmssim for MCH/PMCH
They provide estimates of the transport block error rates and HARQ thoughput, DCI error rates, etc. The are all compiled as
cd YOUR_<strong>openairinterface5g_DIRECTORY</strong>

source oaienv (It is a must before running any compilation/execution script. It sets proper paths for OAI)
cd cmake_targets
./build_oai --phy_simulators

The PHY unitary simulators are located in cmake_targets/lte-simulators/build

The parameters for each can be seen by running each testbench with the -h option. They should all produce an obviously meaningful and correct output if run without any arguments. To understand how to use each one just send questions to the mailing list. Someone will answer and provide help. Further unitary simulation of the coding subsystem components also exists in $OPENAIR1_DIR/PHY/CODING/TESTBENCH. Again, we'd be happy to give you information on how to use this simulator.

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