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OpenAirInterface Documentation

Bad news first: there is no such thing as a single and complete documentation of OpenAirInterface. However, there is sufficient documentation – it is only scattered in several different places. On this page we try to collect the most relevant pointers to information to get you started with OpenAirInterface. It is organized by the source of information.

Source Code

All software development is available through the our SVN repository. The source code contains several READMEs and inline documentation. It is organized as follows:

  • OPENAIR0 : This repository provides open-source real-time HW/SW for different Xilinx targets. Specifically for ExpressMIMO2 which can be used with OpenAir4G, this contains the Spartan6 VHDL implementation for PCIe data acquisition from the Lime RF front-end. It also contains the embedded firmware for the LEON3 processor in the Spartan6.
  • OPENAIR1 (open-source real-time and offline SW): This repository contains all the baseband DSP SIMD-x86 routines for implementing LTE UEs and eNBs (36-211,36-212). It also contains simulation testbenches for all LTE physical/transport channels. Furthermore, implementations of UE/eNB the physical layer procedures (36-213) for use with either real-time or emulation targets are here.
  • OPENAIR2 (open-source real-time and offline SW): This repository contains the LTE MAC (36-321), RLC (36-322), PDCP (36-323). It also contains the necessary scripts for generating the RRC ASN.1 messages (using the asn1c utility) along with the UE and eNB RRC procedures. S1 interfaces are provided for the user and control planes of the eNB.
  • OPENAIR3 (open-source Linux SW suite for cellular and MESH networks). This repository provides scripts and adaptations for the linux networking suite for particular projects.
  • OPENAIR-CN (3GPP-EPC implementation). This repository provides a small-scale 3GPP-EPC implementation, including MME, P and S-Gateway and HSS components.
  • TARGETS : This repository provides different top-level target designs (emulator, RTAI, etc.) for use with and without hardware in emulated or real-time modes.


We often give training session on OpenAirInterface at summer/winter schools. Here is a list of recent presentations.

OpenAirInterface is used in many projects and we often use project deliverables as documentation. The most comprehensive ones are listed here:

Lab sessions

Also have a look at tutorials and labs from the Acropolis Winter School 2012

Additional Information

Check out the other pages on this Twiki for installation, setup and running some of the code. Additional (more detailed, technical) documentation is also available on our BSCW server. If you don't have access and need it, ask us!

-- FlorianKaltenberger - 04 Dec 2013

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