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Critical Issues/Bug List

We list here critical issues that are identified by others along with information on gitlab branch, assigned person to look into it.

Please also refer to the issues, milestones, and branches pages on gitlab for more up-to-date information. This twiki page might become obsolete in the future.

Bugs in PHY/MAC (low layer signaling). All the issues can be tracked under milestone, https://gitlab.eurecom.fr/oai/openairinterface5g/milestones/7

  • PUCCH issues -> RK: L1L2 signalling issue, https://gitlab.eurecom.fr/oai/openairinterface5g/issues/48
    • SR not detected well / falsly detected-> improved (commited in L1L2 signalling branch)
    • Power control: RK is testing and making changes in L1L2 signalling branch
  • UL scheduling: L1L2 signalling issue, https://gitlab.eurecom.fr/oai/openairinterface5g/issues/48
    • very low/fluctuating throughput
    • PUSCH never decoded in first or second round for all (possible) PRB sizes between 24 and 45. 48 works again. no problems in ulsim though. -> FK
    • check BSR
  • MAC CE only sent when there is DL traffic
  • Find cause of "other failure"-> RK
    • this is a radio link failure of UL, when the UE cannot get the UL (for example when SR is not received.)
  • Failures leading to ConnectionReestablishment (milestone: Conn reestablish procedures) (NN to look into this)
  • UE removal(L1/Partial-L2): NN (L1/L2/L3)
    • UE removal from failed PRACH/MSG3 L1/L2 Connection procedure ok
    • UE removal from RRC not ok (RRCConnectionRelease), does not remove lower layers(For all the layers of eNB):
  • Attach procedure using STMSI -> (This is very critical issue. Lot of UEs do not work because of this behaviour). Navid/Lionel wants to take a look
    • need to keep UE context in RRC until timer expires
    • to be decided: shall eNB keep context even when it crashes? i.e. in a file?
    • check if we can send ConnectionReject. Does that have any other side effects on UE? Lets just try it!
  • TM2 (L1)
    • Most things fixed, but more testing needed (USRP ok 5/10MHz, ExpressMIMO2 tbc)
  • No available CCE resources for UE: L1L2 signalling issue
  • this branch should be merged back to develop soon
  • UE drops the connection and comes back with S-TMSI.
  • Timing advance issue (L1L2 signalling has a fix)


  • RLC AM has issues -> issue 65 -> fixed in branch, but not yet merged
  • CAT 3 UE has throughput issues: This issue has been fixed an merged.

oaisim Issues:

EXMIMO2 Issues:

  • (fixed) serious bug on lime 3 (in FPGA upsampling circuit or clock) -> DN, HM
  • (fixed) PLL problem in TDD mode -> fundamental problem when TX and RX PLLs are tuned to the same frequency -> requires HW and software changes
  • (fixed) TDD/FDD problem of lime requires modifications in HW and SW: RK to followup with Dominique
  • lime4 problem (some bits erronous on ODDR) due to clock
    • clock has been cleaned up a bit, but issue still remains
  • 20MHz? to be teste. It does not work on testbench
  • Real-time on ExpressMIMO: if tx processing is a bit late (not finished 5 mbox counters before end of subframe) it is not dma-ed to ExpressMIMO2
  • Harmonize EXMIMO interfaces after rrH/GW branch is in

Openair-cn Issues: Milestone: https://gitlab.eurecom.fr/oai/openair-cn/milestones/1

Doxygen comments

Less critical Issues/Bug List (simulation / emulation)

  • BLER saturation for certain MCS all TMs (fixed in TM4 branch, should go into develop) *(fixed) BW and sampling rate confusion. BW has to be globally replaced with sampling rate according to amount of RB
  • In abstraction.c init_freq_channel does not work correctly witth sin cos LUT
  • There are crashes in unitary phy simulators for secuirity messages
  • lte_ue_measurements.c - missing lines for subband pmi calculation. (fixed in TM4 branch)
  • channel level computation
  • prepare to merge back to develop in february

Milestones used to track the critical features

oaisim: https://gitlab.eurecom.fr/oai/openairinterface5g/milestones/5

lte-softmodem: https://gitlab.eurecom.fr/oai/openairinterface5g/milestones/6

L1/L2 Stability: https://gitlab.eurecom.fr/oai/openairinterface5g/milestones/7

L3+ (eNB + UE RAN, excluding Core-Network): https://gitlab.eurecom.fr/oai/openairinterface5g/milestones/8

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