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OAI test setup is intended to be used to make reproducible tests (compilation + simulation + Real HW) for each version committed to develop/master branch of openairinterface5g/openair-cn Gitlab repository. Here are the important points to be noted:

  • Please do not install OAI EPC on ALU EPC or vice versa. The two EPC installations are incompatible and mess up with each other.
  • The figure describing OAI Test setup is located here: https://twiki.eurecom.fr/twiki/pub/OpenAirInterface/OAITestSetup/OAI_Test_Setup_only_figure.docx
  • Calisson to be always used as eNB. Stevens to be always used as UE. Nano to be always used as core network (OAI EPC). Amerique to be always used as core network (ALU EPC).
  • Band 7 is coz of duplexers
  • eNB USRP is on band 7, No of antennas=2TX/2RX .
  • eNB EXMIMO is on band 7, No of antennas=2TX/2RX .
  • UE USRP is on band 7, No of antennas=1TX/2RX .
  • UE EXMIMO is on band 7, No of antennas=1TX/2RX .
  • Mozart is server grade PC with 10 CPUs, so it is best to use it to run autotests (./build_oai –s) for performance reasons. It also has USRP X310 connected to it.
  • Real-time tests with hardware must be run for following scenarios:
  1. Test A: OAI eNB (calisson)(noS1) <-> OAI UE (stevens)(noS1) for both USRP B210 (TDD/FDD) + EXMIMO ( TDD + FDD) + 5/10/20 MHz + TM 1,2
  2. Test B: OAI EPC(calisson) + OAI eNB (calisson) <-> COTS UE (stevens) for both USRP B210 (TDD/FDD) /EXMIMO (TDD + FDD) + 5/10/20 MHz + TM 1,2
  3. Test C: OAI EPC(nano) + OAI eNB (calisson) <-> COTS UE (stevens) for both USRP B210 (TDD/FDD)/EXMIMO (TDD + FDD) + 5/10/20 MHz + TM 1,2
  4. Test D: ALU EPC(Amerique) + OAI eNB (calisson) <-> COTS UE (stevens) for both USRP B210/EXMIMO (TDD + FDD) + 5/10/20 MHz + TM 1,2
  5. Test with two COTS UEs (low priority for currnet EURECOM projects)
  6. TM 5,6 do not work, so exluded currently from testing
  7. TDD tests are not possible with USRP
  8. TDD stick is needed for TDD tests. For the moment we do not do TDD tests as we do not hav EXMIMO TDD and USRP does not have TDD switch
  9. The tests are mostly throughput tests by running iperf for 5 minutes
  • All the test results need to be stored in following directory: /mnt/sradio/TEST_RESULTS (check if it is mounted)
  • Assuming your version for develop branch is 1234. Then do the following steps:
  • Merge from develop to YOUR_BRANCH before running tests. Please commit any modified files into your branch (except some config files for UE/eNB)

  • For autotests (./build_oai -s)
    • The test results for autotests (./build_oai –s) are located in autotests/log
    • cp -rf autotests/log /mnt/sradio/TEST_RESULTS/BRANCH.NAME/BRANCH.VERSION/log

Autotests (compilation, execution test case class):

The autotests are currently present in branch feature-34-test_framework. The test cases are defined in config file cmake_targets/autotests/test_case_list.xml

The brief description of tests cases is in cmake_targets/autotests/README.txt

./build_oai -s (to run all the autotests)

./build_oai -s --run-group "01010* 015000" #To run specific test cases in group. This will only run (compilation, oaisim tests)

Autotests (lte-softmodem test case class):

See .gitlab-ci.yml for info on how python script is run for testing UE, eNB and EPC

Test results are stored in (EURECOM private repository)

  • TODO: The results will be mirroed on dropbox/google drive automatically

Non-working Autotests:

The following autotests are known to be broken:

  • RRH Compilation (010140, 010141 010142)
  • oaisim_noS1 (TM 5,6_
  • oaisim_noS1: 1 UE - 1 eNB (without PHY_abstraction)
  • 015100.dlsim.test5
  • MBSFN Tests Group: 0104*
  • PHY Unitary tests Group: 0150*
  • 20MHz lte-softmodem on USRP B210/EXMIMO
  • TDD tests have issues (oaisim + lte-softmodem)
  • Tests involving 2 antennas


  • UE Dongle for TDD/FDD that supports AT commands
  • LTE Phone for TDD/FDD that supports AT commands
  • EXMIMO TDD card (x2)
  • Extra Antennas for TDD
  • Setup for CA testbench using EXMIMO
  • Setup for DRB, handover
  • Automated test setup integration with python(make pre-ci) and JuJu (Charm)
  • ALL: To review test cases (lte-softmodem) above and also cmake_targets/autotests/README.txt located in branch feature-34-test_framework (openairinterface5g repository)
  • Test cases for RRH/ARM/BladeRF (once the software is stable and released)
  • Feedback: Speedup oaisim_nos1 by using pre-compile cache generated from build_oai script
  • Wireshark pcap support for DCI, PDCCH
  • PHY layer logging (Todo: Florian)
  • Automated installation of Core NW/eNB pre-requisite SW on every run (currently all the dependencies are pre-installed)
  • Integrate with OAI EPC, currently only integrated with ALU EPC
  • Tests for OAI UE (w/live network and w/ OAI eNB)
  • Better Integration with GitLab CI
  • Mirror the results on Dropbox/Google Drive as well
  • Tests for BladeRF, Odroid ARM
  • Basic documentation/tutorial on running autotests/ setting up machines, Gitlab, etc
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