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  • Resynchronize 2n CH in case it lost sync. This should be done in the MR by estimating the timing offset between CH and sending a timing advance message to one of the CHs.


  1. In case of 2 CHs distribute the CHBCH pilots evenly across the frequency groups (pilots from CH1 use even frequency groups, etc)
  2. Zero out the whole bigphys at init!!!
  3. LOG2_NUMBER_OF_CHBCH_PILOTS still hard-coded!!!
  4. Set up test scenario
  5. Syncronization at MR when 2 CHs are present: at the moment we always synch to the strongest one. When the stonger SCH is arriving later than the weaker one, correct decoding of both of them is not guaranteed.

In Progress


  • Make different configuration files (SENDORA, CHORIST, EMOS)
  • MRBCH sim
  • MRBCH initial sync
  • Tracking of MRBCH (needs fix in FPGA)
  • MRBCH scope
  • Fine tune/debug the timing advance at the MR, such that the time offset of the CHSCH at the MR is minimized
  • Don't declare 2nd CH NOT_SYNCHED when it looses MRSCH, but keep tracking the MRSCH (we assume that this is a rare event and that the MRSCH can be recovered before the two CHs drift away too much (more than a CP length))
  • Update MR Gain Control to find best gain setting between multiple CH
    • Make measurements on all CHSCH. Do the gain control on the weakest CHSCH under the constraint that the strongest CHSCH does not saturate.
  • CH gain control
    • fill PHY_measurements with MRSCH measurements
    • adjust gain so that the MRSCH does not saturate
  • Fix noise power estimation
  • MMSE Receiver Simulation (chbch_sim.c)
  • Integrate MMSE
  • Integration with MAC
  • Put MRSCH and MRBCH in the right position

-- FlorianKaltenberger - 22 Aug 2008

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