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Libraries and additional software


Set the following environment variables in .bashrc and source them if necessaary. Copy what is done in the oaienv script that's in the root of the Openair4G repository into your .bashrc file. This does:

export OPENAIR_HOME=$(pwd)
export OPENAIR1_DIR=$OPENAIR_HOME/openair1
export OPENAIR2_DIR=$OPENAIR_HOME/openair2
export OPENAIR3_DIR=$OPENAIR_HOME/openair3
alias  oai='cd $OPENAIR_HOME'
alias oai0='cd $OPENAIR0_DIR'
alias oai1='cd $OPENAIR1_DIR'
alias oai2='cd $OPENAIR2_DIR'
alias oai3='cd $OPENAIR3_DIR'
alias oait='cd $OPENAIR_TARGETS'
alias oaiu='cd $OPENAIR2_DIR/UTIL'

We only use autotools for the moment in OpenAir-CN to check for all required software packages. The lower layer compilation scripts do not check for packages. There is a script in targets that can be used to automatically check and install the required packages for a complete OAI system (including the OpenAir-CN EPC component which requires many packages). This can be done as follows:

source utils.bash

You might need to run the last command as root.

This should do almost everything everything.

Checking Layer 1/2 Emulation/simulation (oaisim, dlsim, etc.)

The following packages should be now be available on your system (they are if you ran the above script):

  • libblas and libblas-dev
  • libxml2 and libxml2-dev
  • libforms-bin libforms-dev
  • libatlas-base-dev and libatlas-headers (for Ubuntu 11.04, libatlas-dev instead of libatlas-headers)
  • libconfig8-dev
  • asn1c and the LTE ASN1 files
Try to compile the OAI simulator like
#  make oaisim -j4 (or for however many processors you have)

It should compile without error. You can also try a more complete test like

#  make pre-ci

which both compiles and executes different targets. It will try different compilation options (Rel-8 and Rel-10) and execute simple multi-terminal simulations and emulations.

Check out simple examples in $OPENAIR_TARGETS/SIMU/EXAMPLES

Octave API

To use OAI's OCTAVE interface (only with ExpressMIMO2 for the moment!) install the following

  • octave-headers(Note: on Ubuntu 12.10 this is now called liboctave-dev)
  • octave-signal


  • libgps-dev
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