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Product Backlog


  • GUI: Include eigenvalues
  • Program a GUI in Matlab to plot capacity results
  • Documentation Calibration
  • Matlab Toolbox: Align impulse responses for PDP calculation using the autocorrelation function


  • Implement a TX power control for the MRs (CH sends TX power and target RSSI in CHBCH, MR computes path loss (TX power - RX RSSI), MR adjusts TX power = target RSSI + path loss)
  • Include calibrated noise level in measurements & FIFO

In Progress


  • Simulation mode
  • Realtime module for PHY and MAC
  • GUI
  • Matlab import filter
  • Measurement dump to disk
  • EMOS transmitter code (set recording flag on/off)
  • Platoon: Running
  • Demo for SFR on Thursday
  • Multiuser Import Filter
  • Check calibration of cards
  • Debug Automatic Gain Control
  • Evaluate measurements from 31.10.07
  • Check Tx antenna no. 4
  • Evaluate measurements of 5.11.07
  • GUI: Redesign recording functionality
  • Matlab Import Filter: Fix out of memory problem (read data in two passes, firstly only the metadata + compute normalization factor, secondly only the needed frames)
  • Documentation Matlab scripts
  • Second Measurement Campaign
  • Matlab MU Import filter: Fixed problem with alignment of first frame
  • Calculate Rx antenna correlation coefficient
  • MU Capacity calculation
    • Scenario 0: 4 users, 4x2, 2 streams each: Time-sharing single link MIMO (we assume no scheduling, that means we calculate the SU capacity for every user and take the mean of it)
    • Scenario 1: 4 users, 4x1, 1 stream each: Fix one antenna at Rx + ZF Precoder
    • Scenario 2: 4 users, 4x2, 1 stream each: Antenna selection at Rx + ZF Precoder
    • Scenario 3: 2 users, 4x1, 1 stream each: Fixed Antenna + ZF
    • Scenario 4: 2 users, 4x2, 1 stream each: Antenna selection at Rx+ ZF
    • Scenario 5: 2 users, 4x2, 2 streams each: Block Diagonalization
    • The antenna selection procedure shall be based on groups of 6 subcarriers or the whole band
  • Other Performance Metrics
    • Orthogonality of users: 1/trace(H H^H)^-1
  • MU capacity calculation for iid channels (Marios)
  • Debugging block diagonalization
  • Evaluation of 2nd measurement campaign
  • Matlab Report generation
  • Check calibration of card 7
  • Presentation SFR
    • Describe Normalization
    • Describe capacity calculations, antenna selection, etc. in more detail
    • Add conclusions
    • Capacity plots: when comparing to AS, keep one of the non-AS curves
    • Check capacity of iid channel with AS
    • Check capacity of correlated channels (Copy channel of Rx antenna --> high correlation)
    • Draw Antenna Sector on Map
    • Include a slide with system parameters and measurement description
    • Annotate coverage map
    • SUTS capcity --> do not average over users
    • Define A and Q
    • Update conclusions
    • Update capacity plots
      • SU-MIMO TDMA vs 2U MU-MIMO ZF and 2U MU-MIMO MMSE (measured only)
      • 2U MU-MIMO ZF and 2U MU-MIMO MMSE (measured + iid)
      • SU-MIMO TDMA vs 4U MU-MIMO ZF and 4U MU-MIMO MMSE (measured only)
      • AS as is w/o iid plots
    • Update Legend in RSSI plot
  • Order batteries for laptops
  • Kangoo: replace/charge battery
  • Plot eigenvalues of channel matrix over time, eigenvalue distribution
  • Calculate the full correlation matrix, averaging over all frequencies
  • CDF in logarithmic scale
  • Check FER over SNR
  • Calculate capacity for single user open loop 4x2 MIMO with MMSE receiver
  • Plan indoor and another outdoor campaign
  • SFR Report/presentation
  • SPAWC paper
  • COST paper/presentation
  • Check processing gain
  • Get EMOS to run with two synchronized BS
  • Make EMOS two-directional
  • Write frequency offset estimate to FIFO
  • Find bug that makes EMOS crash when module is removed -> it was writing a big structure to fifo
  • Put frame no from CH1 in MRBCH
  • Fill PHY_measurements in CH with meaningful data (do normal channel estimation in 1st symbol of SCH0 and SCH1)

-- FlorianKaltenberger - 26 Nov 2007

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