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Prepare 4 Boxes with
  • Laptop
  • Power supply
  • Car power adapter
  • GPS
  • CBMIMO1 Card (See CardList for available cards)
  • 2 Batteries
  • Antennas
  • Manual
  • Route
  • Walkie Talkie


  • Login using the name written on the laptop (password linux)
  • Power up the CBMIMO1 card, connect the antennas to the two outer connectors on the card, and insert it in the card slot
  • Connect the USB GPS receiver
  • Open a terminal window and change directory:
     cd openair1
  • Load the kernel module as root (provide password linux if asked):
     sudo make install_cbmimo1_softmodem_emos
    The leds on the card should now be ``moving''
  • On some machines you also need to create the device by
     sudo make openair0 
  • Start the GPS daemon as root (provide password linux if asked):
     sudo gpsd /dev/ttyUSB0
    (in earlier versions of gpsd you have to use -f /dev/ttyUSB0).
  • Start the GUI:
     cd EMOS/GUI/src
     ./emos_gui -n2


  • Turn on the GUI by clicking the ``PWR'' button.
  • Make sure, there are no error messages.
  • If the terminal can synchronize to the base station, the displays should turn on and the two rightmost leds on the card should stay on.
  • Bring the GUI into multiuser mode by pressing the ``terminal mode'' button.
  • Make sure you set the terminal number to the number indicated on your laptop.
  • Now you are ready to turn on the recorder by pressing ``record''. The terminal now waits for the base station to signal the recording flag. Upon receiving the flag, the terminal will record the estimated channel. When the recording flag goes off, the data is stored to file, the file index is increased, and the terminal goes into standby again.


Card does not synchronize

Most probably you are in an area with no or too little signal.

  • Make sure you stay on the measurement routes.
  • Make sure the antennas are connected correctly.
  • Check for other error messages on the GUI.

Channel displays do not refresh

Most probably the card has crashed or there is a problem with the fifo.

  • Stop recording and exit the GUI
  • Remove the kernel module:
     cd ~/EMOS/emos_gui
     sudo make remove_cbmimo1_emos
  • Remove the card and the power
  • Load the kernel module as described above
  • Restart the GUI

No GPS data available

  • Make sure the GPS is connected correctly and that it can see the satellites (led on GPS constantly on)
  • Have you started the GPS daemon
     gpsd -f /dev/ttyUSB0
  • Restart the GUI

GUI does not record or records permanently

  • Make sure you are in multiuser mode and you turned on record
  • Make sure there is enough disk space
  • Make sure that the record path (``config'' button) is set to ~/EMOS/data/

Computer freezes

  • Reboot

-- FlorianKaltenberger - 23 Nov 2007

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