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First OAI developer call

Time: 6th March 2015, 16:00 CET

Place: Google Hangouts


  • Raymond Knopp (EURECOM)
  • Florian Kaltenberger (EURECOM)
  • Navid Nikaein (EURECOM)
  • Lionel Gauthier (EURECOM)
  • Aikaterini TRILYRAKI (EURECOM)
  • Christian Bonnet (EURECOM)
  • Kurt Derr
  • Yeoh Chun-Yeow
  • Arnaldo Oliveira
  • Mateusz Buczkowski
  • Michal Golinski
  • Alexander Chemeris (Fairwaves)
  • Sergey Kostanbaev (Fairwaves)
  • Carole Bonan
  • Laurent Thomas
  • Tom Tsou (ETTUS)
More people atempted to join but unfortunately Google Hangouts limites the participants to 10. We are sorry about this and will fix it the next time.


  1. Round table and introduction of main developers at Eurecom. See attached presentation for details
  2. License and copyright issues. See attached presentation for details
  3. Discussion on development tools
    • svn vs git:
      • most people are in favour of git!
      • Laurent: proposes to use jenkins + gerrit on top of git (like in openstack, see code.google.com/p/gerrit/wiki/ShowCases for an example)
      • use local github at Eurecom, but mirror it to github
    • Twiki: whoever wants an acount to change things, let us know.
    • Building, installing
      • build scripts are not ideal (not standard). for example, they fetch the UHD driver, even if it is already installed on the system
      • suggestion Alexander: use autotools, better for x-compilation
      • Laurent/Lionel experimenting with cmake
      • Tom: have you considered stronger separation between layers?
        • we will do a cleanup of the code soon, removing superflous stuff
        • we could seperate EPC from MODEM, but within MODEM this is more difficult
    • Code beautifying
      • Tom: instead of using automated tools we should rather follow the rules directly
      • moreover, we should make better use/enforce of svn/git log messages
      • Laurent: gerrit can help with this
  4. Next release:
  5. Other Testbeds:
    • Jorge (avero): development of RRH/RE with multi-mode /multi-band capabilities
    • Michal (TNO): Connection of OAI with Fraunhofer open 5G core, cloud RAN, multi-RAT
    • Kurt: OAI on B210 and ExpressMIMO2, open 5G core
  6. Other questions:
    • Michal: it would be nice to have the roadmap on the twiki, also a bug tracking tool would be nice
      • Raymond: there is a twiki page for the long-term roadmap (OpenAirRoadmap), but it needs to be updated
      • Raymond: we also have a bugzilla (bugzilla.eurecom.fr) but its not used
      • Laurent: we should rather switch to gerrit,since it is better integrated with the code
    • Laurent: there is budget for a position at Eurecom to set all of this up. If you want to work at the beautiful French riviera, please apply. More details here: http://www.eurecom.fr/en/eurecom/eurecom-recrute
-- FlorianKaltenberger - 07 Mar 2015
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