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Eurecom toolchain:

The files for flashing the CBMIMO1 cards are located in the SVN repository openair0

  • export OPENAIR0_DIR=path_to_openair0
  • source $OPENAIR0_DIR/openair.bash
  • change in the directory $OPENAIR0_DIR/cbmimo1/grlib-eval/designs/leon3-eurecom-platform-2
  • Two symbolic links have to be created
    leon3mp_v1.bit and leon3mp_v1.ll or
    leon3mp_v2.bit and leon3mp_v2.ll
  • When the symbolic links are changed, we manually have to remove the config files in devsofthard/
  • if machine has been rebooted
    • make impactdrivers as root (and possibly chmod 666 /dev/windrvr6 if make did not do it)
  • in the directory devsoft/src/standalone/ADACRFcntl/inc/
  • make ADACRFcntlclean
  • make leon3mp_v1_mem.bit BOARD_VERSION=1 (leon3mp_v2_mem.bit BOARD_VERSION=2 for the v2 cards)
  • make impact (for testing - only loads the bitfile in the FPGA, does not flash EEPROMS)
  • make eeproms

Notes about running the toolchain:

This toolchain works only on specific Eurecom PC; in order to use the same procedure on other PCs, you have to modify the environment paths, hardcoded inside the Makefile contained in $OPENAIR0_DIR/cbmimo1/grlib-eval/designs/leon3-eurecom-platform-2 and subfolders.

Moreover, the installation of Xilinx Impact drivers calls a driver package that is obsolete, if you are using an updated driver package (e.g. WD920.tgz) you have to define it into the Makefile. The installation scripts used by the WinDriver package, might not work with Ubuntu. Try to set "bash" before running the scripts.

You must install the API headers:

make headers_check make INSTALL_HDR_PATH=dest headers_install find dest/include \( -name .install -o -name ..install.cmd \) -delete cp -rv dest/include/* /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.xxxxxx/include/


Procedure to install Xilinx ISE and Xilinx Platform Cable:


-- FlorianKaltenberger - 13 Apr 2010

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