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Acropolis Winter School on
“Experimental Methods in Wireless Communications”
EURECOM, Sophia Antipolis, February 20-22, 2012

The FP7 ACROPOLIS project (http://www.ict-acropolis.eu/) is organizing its first Winter school on “Experimental methods in Wireless Communications”, which will be held at EURECOM in Sophia Antipolis (French Riviera), on 20-22 February 2012. The main target of the school is to expose PhD students and junior researchers to modern experimental methods useful for research in wireless communications, particularly in the areas of hardware and software architectures for wireless platforms, and large-scale network simulation/emulation tools. The school will also allow ample opportunity for students to get hands-on experience with some of these methods. In particular a series of in-depth training sessions will cover two different experimental platforms, namely the Rice University WARP platform (organized by the Institute for Networked System, RWTH Aachen) and ExpressMIMO and CardBusMIMO OpenAirInterface.org platforms from EURECOM (organized by the Mobile Communications Department of EURECOM.)


In addition several morning lectures (two per day) will be given by experts in the field of experimentation for wireless communications. The current list of committed speakers is:

WIFI Access

Attendees can access the internet by WIFI either through EDUROAM or the EURECOM public network (in the vicinity of the amphitheather).

About the Labs

The lab sessions will take place in the afternoons on the three days. Because some of the modules require hardware, attendance will be limited.


The WARP labs cover the following three 2.5 hour modules given once per day :

WARP1 (20/02 14h00 and 16h30, Room EC03): An introduction to WARP SDR platform and its hardware architecture. Hands on experience with WARP Lab (WARP <-> Matlab interaction, 16 students per 2.5 hour session).

WARP2 (21/02 14h00 and 16h30, Room EC03): An introduction to Decomposable MAC framework and MAC development using Decomposable MAC Framework. Hands on experience with developing a simple CSMA MAC and a multi-channel spectrum agile MAC (16 students per 2.5 hour session).

WARP3 (22/02 14h00 and 16h30, Room EC03): Introduction to Meta-compiler assisted tool-chain (TRUMP) for MAC realization. Hands on experience with run-time reconfiguration of MAC.

RWTH will provide 8 WARP stations for the lab session, each of which can be shared by two students at a time.

Material for the WARP sessions (please send an email to jan@inets.rwth-aachen.de to request the password for the files):

1. ACROPOLIS_WinterSchool_WARP_Codes_RWTH.zip = An introduction presentation and a short presentation of each lab as a combined single file.

2. ACROPOLIS_WinterSchool_WARP_Handouts.zip = This zip archive contains the handouts for each of the three labs. Lab1 = ACROPOLIS_WinterSchoolHandout_WARPLab_v2.pdf, Lab2 = ACROPOLIS_WinterSchoolHandout_Decomposable_MAC_Framework_v3.pdf and Lab3 = ACROPOLIS_WinterSchoolHandout_TRUMP_v4.pdf

3. ACROPOLIS_WinterSchool_WARP_Codes_RWTH.zip = This zip archive contains the codes/sample solutions for the three labs. Lab1 = WARP_Lab, Lab2 = Decomposable_MAC_Framework and Lab3 = TRUMP

OpenAirInterface Labs

The OpenAirInterface.org labs will consist of the following modules:

OAI1 (20/02, 16h30; 21/02, 14h00; Room EC05): Introduction to OpenAir4G (3GPP LTE) and OAI MODEM development on ExpressMIMO and CBMIMO1 platforms (20 students per 1.5 hour session, can be repeated twice over 3 days). Students will be introduced to both OCTAVE and C language interfaces to OAI radio platforms and will build a piece of an OpenAir4G LTE receiver. 5 ExpressMIMO radio stations and 5 CBMIMO1 radio stations will be used.( OAItraining1.ppt)

OAI2 (21/02, 16h30; 22/02, 14h00; Room EC05): Hands-on OpenAir11p (802.11p) lab session with ExpressMIMO baseband application library (libembb) (10 students per 1.5 hour session, can be repeated twice over 3 days). This session provides an overview of the libembb DSP software library and a real-time software development methodology for radio MODEMS on an experimental MPSoC architecture. This will involve experimentation on the ExpressMIMO baseband engine (5 stations are at the disposal of students.) Slides: lab_OAI2.pdf

OAI3 (21/02, 14h00; 22/02, 16h30; EURECOM Computer Lab): Numerical tools for PHY layer abstraction (20-30 students per 1.5 hour session). This session provides an overview of the OpenAir4G PHY simulation methodology and shows how MODEM performance can be modeled for use in large-scale system emulation. Slides: LTE_PHY_evaluation_and_abstraction.pdf PHY_abstraction.pdf

OAI4 (20/02, 14:00; 21/02 16h30; 22/02 16h30; EURECOM Computer Lab): The training is designed to study and analyze the OpenAir4G LTE protocol stack both in control-plane and data-plane using the software emulation platform. An introduction to the OpenAir4G emulation methodology will be provided and two different experiments are designed. In the first experiment, we follow the control plan signaling between an UE and an eNB from the unconnected state to establishing a default data radio bearer (DRB). In the second experiment, we follow service and protocol data unit (SDU and PDU) in the data-plane, namely in PDCP, RLC, and MAC, by sending IP packet to the network device driver, which hands the packet to the protocol stack.The instruction for the lab session can be found LAB_OAI4_acropolis.pdf.The VMware to bringup the OAI emulation environment cab be found here.

OAI5 (22/02 14h00; EURECOM Computer Lab): Use-cases in Cognitive Radio and Collaborative Communications. This session describes a few examples where OAI is currently being used for experimental wireless networking and focuses on a cognitive overlay network developed in the context of the CROWN project. Two other examples of OAI in collaborative communications (distributed relaying) from the CONECT and LOLA projects will be described. All three example show the simulation methodology used prior to hardware integration. Slides: OAI5.pdf

The meeting point for access to the labs will be outside the Marconi Amphitheatre (where the lectures are held) just before the lab. Instructors will accompany the students to their lab session.

Lab Attendee Lists

  WARP1 (20/02 14:00) WARP1 (20/02 16:30) WARP2 (21/02 14:00) WARP2 (21/02 16:30) WARP3 (22/02 14:00) WARP3 (22/02 16:30)
1 Sylwia Romaszko Emre Sylwia Romaszko Eloi Sylwia Romaszko CANCELLED
2 Wim Torfs Zhan Wim Torfs Valentin Wim Torfs  
3 Brau Lerch   Zhan Hausl  
4 Maviel Nissel Boldrini sotiropoulos Dardaillon  
5 Hausl sotiropoulos Mezzavilla khoumeri Eloi  
6 Boldrini khoumeri Guidolin lerch Kartsakli  
7 Dardaillon qing Dardaillon nisser    
8 Kartsakle   Kartsakle marko?    
9 Majoral     Hausl    
10 Gregori          
11 Cardoso          
12 Eloi          
13 Andreas          
14 Valentin          
15 Anton          
16 lazrak          

  OAI 4 (20/02 14:00) OAI 1 (20/02 16:30) OAI1 (21/02 14:00) OAI3 (21/02 14:00) OAI 2 (21/02 16:30) max 10 OAI 4 (21/02 16:30) OAI 2 (22/02 14:00) max 10 OAI 5 (22/02 14:00) OAI 4 (22/02 16:30) OAI 3 (22/02 16:30)
1 Agostini Sylwia Romaszko Eloi Agostini Sylwia Romaszko CANCELLED Eloi Agostini Dardaillon  
2 Brau Wim Torfs Valentin Brau Wim Torfs   Majoral Brau Andreas  
3 Maviel Agostini Emre Maviel Agostini   Cardoso Maviel Valentin Boldrini
4 Mezzavilla Brau Anton Gautier Brau   Lerch Mezzavilla Kartsakle Mezzavilla
5 Guidolin Maviel Zhan Rostaing Maviel   Nisser Guidolin maviel Guidolin
6 Gautier Hausl Lerch Sandesh Boldrini   sotiropoulos Kalakech brau Eloi
7 Rostaing Boldrini Nisser Majoral Mezzavilla   khoumeri Zwingelstein   Emre
8 Sandesh Mezzavilla sotiropoulos Gregori Guidolin   roulet Boldrini Majoral Lerch
9 Kalakech Guidolin khoumeri Kalakech Gautier   qing Andreas   Nisser
10 Zwingelstein Gautier lazrak Zwingelstein Rostaing   marko Valentin lazrak sotiropoulos
11 Emre Rostaing roulet Cardoso Dardaillon     Rostaing eloi khoumeri
12 Zhan Dardaillon qing Andreas Sandesh     Gautier marko? Zhan
13 sotiropoulos Kartsakle marko Hausl Kalakech     Zhan Sylwia Romaszko lazrak
14 khoumeri Sandesh     Zwingelstein     lazrak Wim Torfs roulet
15 lerch Majoral     Andreas         qing
16 nisser Gregori               marko
17 roulet Kalakech                
18 qing Zwingelstein                
19   Cardoso                
20   Andreas                

-- RaymondKnopp - 20 Feb 2012

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